February 2011

Background: this is a Pay It Forward. My friends helped me win this torch, but I already owned one like it. So now, you, my glass friends have your chance to win this brand new GTT Cricket. I will ship it when the contest is over. Please help me publicize this on forums, groups and anywhere else you can. The big winners are the kids who are helped by Beads of Courage. Thanks so much, Marcy Lamberson.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

13,102 Handmade Lampwork Beads and $110 Donated to Beads of Courage...And the Winners Are....

First, I want to thank you for your donations.  We raised over 13,100 handmade, artisan glass beads for Beads of Courage.  And as we all know...the kids are the real winners.  Thank you so much for reaching into your heart and donating so generously!  I will send emails to the winners and the donors, so each of you may communicate addresses and other important info.

The online custom random number generator picked the numbers for me.

And the big winner is....Janel Dudley!  Hooray for Janel.

And the next winner is ...
Lea Avroch

She wins Kristina's wonderful How To Make Critter Beads tutorial book.

Sisters Diane Kovach and Donna Myrick have won Robert Simmons' lovely aquarium bead.  Guess they'll have to work out a joint custody for this beauty.

Pat's generous frit sampler was won by Susan Sheehan

Michelle Bell and Joan Fogarty co-won
Leslie's donation of a fish bead and the winner gets to choose the color.  

Holly Dare won Rona's amazing jewelry book, Take the Next Step.

Jeannie Galt won Jo's Criss Cross Jazz Seed Bead Bracelet Kit

Lea's 125 + 3 Butterflies Squeaks In for the Final Entry!

Yay for Lea who rushed and got her 125 + 3 beads in for our final entry.  Thank you so much for making the extra effort to get them in.  And your butterflies turned out so well!  Thank you for your generous donation.


And now this is the final entry.  I will grab a cup of coffee and some breakfast, double check all my records (that will take a little time) and then use the random number generator.  I'll post on this blog, LE and on my facebook page the results.  Should be up about noon Eastern time.  Good luck to all.  And if you are a prize donor, I will contact you with the email address of the person winning your prize, so you can contact them to send it out.

Good Luck everyone!  And most of all, thank you so much for your generous donations.  It means a lot to the program, the kids and to me, for you all to have been so kind.  I'll be back with the details a little later!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Melissa's 75+ Beads for Kids

Melissa has over 75 beads for our wonderful program.  What a nice person- she even doubled up on the spacer sized donuts to make what she said equaled a full bead.  Gotta love that kind of heart and generosity.  Thanks so much Melissa!

Bonnie's Bounty of 100 Beads

A big thanks to Bonnie for donating 100 lampwork beads!  I'm enjoying looking at all the variety and you all are lucky they aren't coming to me first.  I'd be drooling over them.  Bonnie, you are a sweetie.  I appreciate your donation and generosity.  Thanks so much!

Kiss My Glass & Friends Contribute 450 Beads in Hopes of Winning a Torch for a HS program

Yay Jackie of Kiss My Glass!  This donation is from a variety of professional and student beadmakers current and past from Kiss My Glass in Santa Cruz.  It's the result of a Beads of Courage all day event.  If won, the torch would go to a small non profit school which primarily serves gifted and talented kids with learning differences.  All of Jackie's students there contribute to BOC.  Nice!  That sure makes me smile!

Sheila's 103 Beads with Lots of Fun Sculptural Ones!

I made Sheila's photo nice and large so you could see the fun creatures and other items. I see a burger in the front row, which is reminding me that I"m hungry!  Hooray Sheila and thank you so very much!!

Deb Merrill's Additional Bead Donation of 160!

Ah life is good.  I'm so excited that Deb has added to her original donation of 50 beads and here are 160 more!  I'm loving it.  Thanks Deb- 6 more chances and a whole lotta appreciation for your generosity.  You're great!

Jody Sends in 200 Beads! Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Jody, (jeepinwelch on LE) has just donated 200 beauties! I love all the colors and styles. It's fun to see the variety.  I know the kids will love them.  Thank you so much for your generosity!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

600 Beads from the Fire and Rain Group- Thanks Cheryl!

Oh I love the last minute of a contest.  It's better than running to eBay right before an auction ends and swooping down to win it.  Here are 600 more beads from the Fire & Rain Chapter of the ISGB.  Wow!
From butterflies, to sculptural to even rings.  I see a lot of variety.  Thank you for your generosity (and Cheryl for sending me the photos and details) . In this case it took a Chapter.  And I know Beads of Courage appreciates it as much as I do!

200 Beads for Beads of Courage and Eight Cricket Torch Chances for Holly!

Talk about eye candy!!  Here are 200 beads from Holly.  She said she was gathering, sorting and photographing as fast as she could, but wanted to get them in on time.  I'm thrilled.  They sure are pretty and I know the kids will love them.  

If anyone else is on the wire, I'm accepting them until midnight, so get the photo in to my email address (studiomarcy (at) gmail.com)  and you can pop them in the mail tomorrow.  I don't want to lose any additional donations because you can't get to the post office tonight.  But I do need your photo and number of beads to me by midnight.  I'll post your photos tomorrow.

Thanks so much again to Holly and her generous donation!

Joan and Michelle Team Up to Donate 550 Beads!

Joan and Michelle have just donated 550 beads to Beads of Courage today.  Isn't that fantastic? I can tell they're great and it was so generous of them.  Their raffle chances are ready to go and I"m so appreciative of their donation.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kathy's 126 Vibrant Bead Donation!

Hurrah for Kathy and her 126 vibrant beads for Beads of Courage!  I love all the eggs with their fun colors.  Makes me want them for myself and hide them around the yard for a lampwork egg hunt.  But instead, they're going to kids who will enjoy them even more.  I'm glad.  Thank you Kathy for your generous donation and I appreciate you so much!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Debbie sends in 107 Really Fun Beads!

I'm seeing little technicolor "ears" here with mouse ear murrini from Lori & Kim!  I know kids will love them and all the fun, bright colors.  Debbie told me that BOC is her favorite charity - I think a lot of us share that feeling.  But it was so special to hear it.  Cheers to Debbie and happy weekend.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Choose Your Fish...

One Fish....

Two Fish...

(Oh good, you can tell how adept I am at counting now...)

Seriously, these adorable fish are examples of Leslie's Raffle Gift that she is donating.  The person who wins one of her fish, may choose the color that they want theirs to be!  A special fish just for the winner.  Thank you so much Leslie for your wonderful prize donation.  I know someone will be delighted.  (and thank you for your huge bead donation as well- what a super supporter you are of Beads of Courage)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

350 Totally Delightful BEADS from Suzy!

Yes, yes, yes!!!  350 beads are being sent off to Beads of Courage from Suzy.  I'm so excited.  That is one big box full and look at all those wonderful colors and shapes and sizes.  Cheering loudly here, because the kids are the winners...but Suzy gets 14 raffle chances from this gigantic donation.  Thanks so much!!

27 More Beads for Laurie's Second Donation This Month!!

It's so nice to see a second donation this month, so big kudos to Laurie for adding these to her first donation.  Here are 27 (one not pictured) more beads that Laurie is donating.  I also enjoy seeing what people are working on...and I can tell that St. Patrick's Day and the BOC Space Bead Call for Artists are two styles among those represented.  Thanks Laurie for your second generous donation.  I sure appreciate your kindness.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whoa! 175 Beads from Sisters, Diane & Donna

Yum, yum, yum!  Look at all these cute little cupcake beads and all the other colorful delights from sisters Donna and Diane.  There are 175 of them.  Fabulous!  Thanks to both of you for your generosity to our friends at Beads of Courage.  You rock!!

Sarah Sent 126 Big Beautiful Beads!

Let's give Sarah a round of applause for her 126 gorgeous beads.  Thank you so much Sarah for your fabulous donation.  Look at all these pretties- and the kids will love them.  Five raffle chances for you and a big thank you too!

Hold On To Your Hats...1200 from Irene!

Well, for those of you who know me, I'm not often at a loss for words, but when Irene emailed me with her donation of 1200 beads, I have to say, I was speechless.  What a treasure for Beads of Courage.  I know they will be thrilled for the kids' sake.  And look at these cute kitties in the front row.  Don't you know that some kids will be missing their own and want to scoop up these beads.  Thank you so much Irene.  From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your wonderful generosity.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cathie Digs Deep and 50 More Are Sent In

Hooray for Cathie!  Cathie had sent me a photo of her beads for her donation and I asked if she could find just a few more to even up the numbers for 2 raffle tickets instead of just one.  And in a short amount of time, shazaam, there was the new photo with the additional ones.  Thank you Cathie for sharing your beads, time and energy on behalf of Beads of Courage. These lucky kids will be well stocked with our efforts and that's the goal.  We appreciate you!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Maribeth & Tim Donate 127 Beads

Woot for Maribeth and Tim who are donating 127 beads.  The couple are sharing a single torch and are hoping that a Cricket comes their way so they both can torch at the same time.  Meanwhile, we know a lot of kids will be thrilled with their new choices and a big thanks goes out to the couple!

Carolyn's 50 Hearts Show Us Her Big Heart for BOC

And our friend, Carolyn also has donated some gorgeous lovelies.  Here are 50 beads for 2 raffle chances and of course, a lot of smiles as well.  Thank you so much Carolyn for your generous donation. All these hearts will help out so much.