February 2011

Background: this is a Pay It Forward. My friends helped me win this torch, but I already owned one like it. So now, you, my glass friends have your chance to win this brand new GTT Cricket. I will ship it when the contest is over. Please help me publicize this on forums, groups and anywhere else you can. The big winners are the kids who are helped by Beads of Courage. Thanks so much, Marcy Lamberson.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lea's 125 + 3 Butterflies Squeaks In for the Final Entry!

Yay for Lea who rushed and got her 125 + 3 beads in for our final entry.  Thank you so much for making the extra effort to get them in.  And your butterflies turned out so well!  Thank you for your generous donation.


And now this is the final entry.  I will grab a cup of coffee and some breakfast, double check all my records (that will take a little time) and then use the random number generator.  I'll post on this blog, LE and on my facebook page the results.  Should be up about noon Eastern time.  Good luck to all.  And if you are a prize donor, I will contact you with the email address of the person winning your prize, so you can contact them to send it out.

Good Luck everyone!  And most of all, thank you so much for your generous donations.  It means a lot to the program, the kids and to me, for you all to have been so kind.  I'll be back with the details a little later!

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