February 2011

Background: this is a Pay It Forward. My friends helped me win this torch, but I already owned one like it. So now, you, my glass friends have your chance to win this brand new GTT Cricket. I will ship it when the contest is over. Please help me publicize this on forums, groups and anywhere else you can. The big winners are the kids who are helped by Beads of Courage. Thanks so much, Marcy Lamberson.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brand New Cricket Torch for the Winner of the Beads of Courage Raffle

This is the actual GTT Torch to be won.  Be sure to post here and tell us that you donated and include your name and a way to contact you.  Your post will serve as a record for your entry.  If you donate beads, then send a photo to StudioMarcy@gmail.com.  We'd all love to see the goodies that kids will be receiving.  If you are donating financially please post and tell us too.  You can enter as many times as you want. between Feb. 1-28th 2011.


  1. AWESOME Marcy! I would love to win a Cricket, and I bet others will too.

    I'll start working on it today and send you the pics as I complete my entrie(s)!

    Kristina Floyd
    Fine Folly Glassworks
    1426 Venning Road
    Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

  2. What a wonderful idea, Marcy! This weekend I'll look through my batch of beads and shoot the pics. I feel especially close to these children since years ago I was a practicing Pediatrician. Due to chronic pain I needed to choose a different direction in life. And just recently, Marcy, actually one day after Thanksgiving I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer.
    My heart sincerely aches for these children. I love these "little guys."
    Oh but Marcy, silly me...I can't locate the menu?... how do I access it?
    Let these children "win"in life!

    Neomi Caban
    1521 Kings Rd.
    Cantonment, Fl. 32533

  3. Such a great idea!!! You can look forward to my beads in the mail soon!

  4. Yay to Kristina Ne and Jaci!

    Thank you. Now don't forget. Can't mail until Feb. 1st at the earliest and 2/28 midnight at the last. You need to send me a photo of the beads you send in and at that time, you post your name, an email address and the number of beads you sent in. (or the amount you donated financially.

    And on a personal note, Ne, I am sorry you have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I am so sorry. I hope your chronic pain is manageable too.

    Ne, one way to donate financially is to go to www.beadsofcourage.org and look in the right hand top corner and find "give". using that menu, pull it down and you'll find everything from there. Sometimes there is a button on the homepage that says "donate" also, but I don't always see it. Be sure you include the word "torch" in it. and don't do it until 2/1/11 or some time during the month. Please come back often to see the wonderful beads that everyone makes.

    take care everyone and see you back here soon!

  5. What a fabulous idea and what a HUGE heart Marcy, for donating the torch! Would love nothing better than to win this torch... AND donate my beads to some courageous kids! Will send photos soon! XX

    K. Nicole Rogalski
    5516 North 37th Street
    Milwaukee, WI 53209

  6. Marcy this is truly paying it forward and a great statement about your generosity for such deserving kids. We all benefit! I've made notations on my calendar starting the 1st of February to start sending beads.

    Thanks so much-Kathy

  7. Thanks so much Kathy! I can't wait to see all the beads that our friends make!

  8. Wonderful thing you are doing. I hope my orphans find a good home.

  9. Oh they will find great new homes. Those kids really love their beads and look at all of them a lot.

  10. I wrote a post linking to this blog. Great idea.


    Francesca DeCaire
    email: francesca@francescadecaire.com

  11. Thank you Francesca. And thank you for donating 25 beads. I will post the photo of your donation shortly.

  12. Okay, I have sent the pic of 76 beads for 3 Tickets, and they go out to BOC in tomorrows mail. This is such a sweet cause, and thank you again Marcy, you are a jewel!

  13. Martha and Fred Fuerst donated $55 to Beads of Courage for 2 raffle tickets. Thank you so much for your generosity. Your 2 tickets have been recorded.

  14. I am sending 100 beads..
    I am happy to support such a great cause!

    Tina Henry
    email: henrysmt@hotmail.com

  15. I have 200 beads so far. Sending you a picture.
    Thank you Marcy for making a way for BOC to really get alot of beads! It's a great cause!

    Irene Giorgio
    Flame Kissed Glass

  16. I save my beads in a special bowl for Beads of Courage, and when I make a trip to Florida to see my brother, I mail them from there (alot cheaper than sending them from Canada). We'll be getting to Florida around Feb 15, and I'll mail you my beads - should be around 400 of them this time.
    Jeannie Galt
    email: jeanniegalt@gmail.com

  17. I'm putting 100 beads in a box right now! Thank you Marcy for offering up such a great prize for a good cause! I just sent you a photo and I also blogged about it: http://bluebetween.blogspot.com/2011/02/100-beads-for-beads-of-courage.html

    pam at bluebetween dot com

  18. I just sent an email with a picture of my donation. It's great to see all the wonderful donations from everyone! Makes me tear up!

    I'm going to blog about it right now:

  19. I didn't know where to post again Marcy. I have another round of beads to send in. I've gone through everything I have and the amount this time is 1,200 beads. 200 Past my goal :-) Sending pics now.

    Irene Giorgio

  20. emailing pics of 200 beads today. Will ship in the morning. I will send the tracking number to you and Lori.

  21. Hi!
    I emailed you a few days ago with my entry of 75 beads, but told you that I didn't know how to post my entry to your blog? I just now found this post where it looks like everyone is signing up, so maybe this is where you meant? I guess I'm too late to enter, even though I ended up mailing out 100 beads yesterday. YAY!! Oh well, I was going to mail them in anyway and I know they're all going to a great cause! Good luck to everyone! *Ü*

    Lori at ashlyndesign (at) comcast (dot) net

  22. Hi Lori,
    I just recorded your raffle chances and am almost ready to use the online number generator. Perfect timing. You sent them yesterday and there's a good chance the error was mine, so you're in!

    thanks and I appreciate your donation.


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