February 2011

Background: this is a Pay It Forward. My friends helped me win this torch, but I already owned one like it. So now, you, my glass friends have your chance to win this brand new GTT Cricket. I will ship it when the contest is over. Please help me publicize this on forums, groups and anywhere else you can. The big winners are the kids who are helped by Beads of Courage. Thanks so much, Marcy Lamberson.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Linda Cleans Out Her Stash & Tells A Tale of Woe

Okay, if you weren't into beading, that title might look a little questionable.  But poor Linda took multiple photos of her beads all laid out after gathering them up.  But they disappeared from her computer somehow.  The funny thing about it, is that Linda is our Southern Flames web mama and a whiz at computers.  So I think perhaps she has computer ghosts.

So Linda sent me this photo of 175 beads all bagged up and ready to be mailed.  So we can't drool over them, (and believe me, Linda makes fabulous beads), but we can applaud her for sending in a big bunch and award her the raffle tickets.  And of course, I had to tell all of you about Linda's case of the ghostly photos.

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